Creating the next generation of changemaking citizens

My Baltimore Book

Design Challenge
In order for Baltimore youth to become active, change-making citizens, they need to understand the complex forces that shape their city. However, learning about Baltimore is often absent from classrooms.

Design Response
I designed and wrote My Baltimore Book in collaboration with Baltimore City teachers, students, historians, and community leaders. The book explains key civic education concepts and moments from Baltimore history in kid-friendly terms and illustrations.

Since 2016, My Baltimore Book has been free for all Baltimore City Public School third graders as part of the district’s core Social Studies curriculum.

Each student is invited to make the book their own by writing their name on the cover, coloring the illustrations inside, and taking it home to share with their family at the end of the school year.

Learn More
Download the teachers guide, explore teacher-created resources and teaching tools, and buy a copy of My Baltimore Book here.

Awards & Recognition

Role: Project lead, writer, designer

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