Advocating for equitable school funding.

Wide Angle Youth Media + ACLU of Maryland 

Design Challenge
Maryland public schools are annually underfunded by $2.9 billionan average of $2 million in underfunding in each school.

In March 2019, students, families, teachers, and advocates gathered for the largest rally in Annapolis in nearly a decade. My challenge was to infuse youth voice into a rally led by adults.

Design Response 
In partnership with ACLU of Maryland and the Globe Collection & Press at MICA, I worked with high schoolers in Wide Angle Youth Media’s design program to design, print, and distribute 100 posters at the rally.

“[The posters] showed that the adults in Maryland aren’t the only people who care about the education of children across the state. The children themselves want a say in how the funding for the places that make up almost their entire lives is spent and used.”
- Aiara Manning, Youth Designer at Wide Angle Youth Media

Learn More
Read a student-written reflection about the project here and follow the ACLU of Maryland for updates on the fight for fair and equitable school funding.

Role: Design Instructor + Project Lead

Project supported by Open Society Institute⁠—Baltimore

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