Building student voice through debate.

Baltimore Urban Debate League

Design Challenge
When Common Core State Standards launched in Baltimore City Public Schools, teachers scrambled to find ways to craft lessons that would both meaningfully engage students and meet the new standards.

Design Response
Baltimore Urban Debate League worked with Baltimore City Public Schools to launch “It’s Debatable!” - a set of tools and professional development sessions to aid teachers in embedding debate in to the classroom and building student voice.

In collaboration with teachers, debaters, and administrators, I designed the curriculum, branding, and marketing as well as assisted with professional development and program implementation.

Teacher Testimonials
  • “This was the best PD I’ve attended in my 16 years in the profession. Bar none.”
  • “This is the first PD that I did not feel sleepy in!”
  • “I tried to conduct debates in class- didn’t work. I found out why. I didn’t do it right. I have found the secret.”
  • “[It’s Debatable] engages students in rigorous activity that promotes speaking and
    listening skills and confidence.”

Learn More
Read more about the Baltimore Urban Debate League and “It’s Debatable” here.

Role: curriculum design, branding, program marketing, project management, teacher training

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